Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Skater Skirt Tutorial!

Hi! Today I'm going to show you how to make a skater skirt for your doll! I hope you guys like it! :)

You will need:
Elastic (I used elastic from my old underwear!)
A plate
A sewing machine
A small safety pin

First, lay out your fabric and set the plate on top of it, making sure the plate is facing down.

Cut around the plate and take it off of the fabric. You should now have a circle if fabric.

Fold the fabric in half...

Then in half again...

Then in half again.

Cut off the top. Do not cut too much off! Cut a little at a time, and fold it back up each time you cut some off.

Unfold the circle each time you cut a little off to see if it fits around your dolls waist. Once it fits around your dolls waist, you can stop cutting off the top. 

When you have finished cutting the hole in the middle, it should look like this. (If you don't know how to sew, you can just leave it like this.)

Cut a slit down the back I'd the skirt.

Fold the bottom edge under once and sew it down.

Cut a strip of material about 1 1/2 inches longer than the top of the skirt and 2 1/2 times as wide as your elastic.

Fold that strip in half, wrong side to wrong side, and sew it onto the top of the skirt, like shown.

Stick your safety pin into the end of your elastic and thread it through the waistband.

When the elastic gets to the end of the waistband, make sure to sew it down.

Keep threading the elastic through, until you get to the other end of the waistband. Sew that end down too.

You will probably have to sew in a little panel in the back to make it fit. I always have to do this when I make this kind of skirt. I don't know why, it just always happens.

Anyways, by now your skirt should look something like this.

Lastly, place the back edged of the skirt together, good side to good side, and sew down the back.

Flip it right side out and it should look like this. Now you're finished! 

More pictures of Izzy in this outfit coming on Friday! 
Thanks for reading! 



  1. Awesome tutorial! :) Skater skirts are super cute.

    - Ellie

  2. Super cute! I'll have to try this way of making skater skirts, I have always used a different way (but this way looks easier) :)


    1. Thanks so much Maddie! Oh, how do you usually do it?! :)

    2. holy cow, this is a late reply *blushes*, but i always make my skater skirts (and the skirt part of skater dresses) this way: (yeah, i made a tutorial way back when...xD) it's actually quite simple, and it insures that the skirt will be a nice length. :) of course i've tweaked it over the past year, but yeah. i don't even know why i'm writing this, as i am so very late to doing so. *blushes again*

  3. Yay! The last skater skirt I made was really bad, but this tutorial looks easier to follow. Did you knit or cotton fabric?

    1. I'm sure it wasn't that bad! ;)
      You can use either. I have used both and the ones made from knit look better. For this one I used cotton!

  4. Sorry, I meant, "did you USE knit or cotton fabric?"

    1. Haha! I didn't even notice that there wasn't a "use" there! :)

  5. Super cute! And it looks so easy!
    ~Leah <3

  6. Super cute! Love the fabric. ^-^

  7. So cute! I will definitely have to try this :)

  8. Super cute!!! So many comments on this post... Your really lucky to have so many people reading your blog. ;) Then again, it's not really luck. Your so talented!
    -AmericanGirlDolls4Ever at

    1. Thanks! Yep, I am very lucky! ;)
      Aww! Thanks so much! :D

  9. Wow, that's so cool!
    I've been wanting to make a skater skirt for ages, but didn't know how. Thanks, Kaitlyn!

  10. That is adorable! I was thinking about getting my sewing machine out this weekend, so thanks for the tutorial. :)

    1. Thanks so much Claire! Sounds awesome! Your welcome! :)

  11. AMAZING!!! I am going to make this, and as soon as I do I will post the link here. Seriously, this is wonderful :)

    1. Thanks so much Izzy! Awesome! I can't wait to see it! :D

  12. Ooh...I have got to make this now!

  13. I'm SO gonna make this! Beautiful! Love it!

  14. I am MAKING this skirt! Thank you, Kaitlyn!