Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween + Etsy shop updates!

Hey everybody! I didn't really have time to take pictures for a post today, so I edited a photo of Ellie!
Here it is! :)

Since I won't be posting tomorrow, here is Ellie saying Happy Halloween for tomorrow!
Black, Gray, and White Sweater - American Girl Doll Clothes
Also, I realized that I haven't really talked about My Etsy Shop much since I opened it, so I thought I would update you on it! It has been going pretty well, except for one horrible review on a hairbow. I have had 46 sales and there are currently 11 items left in my shop. I am working on more items, so be on the look out for those! I'm going to show you all the new items in my shop that I have never showed on here before. There are still three items from my original release left too. This cute sweater is $12.
This cardigan is $17.
This dress is $15.
3/4 Length White Shirt with Pocket - American Girl Doll Clothes
This top is $10.
Gray and White Tribal Print Infinity Scarf with Mint Green Spot - American Girl Doll Clothes
This scarf is $4.
Floral Skater Dress - American Girl Doll Clothes
This skater dress is $17.
Gray Ruffled Dress - American Girl Doll Clothes
This dress is $18.
Seashell Halter Top - American Girl Doll Clothes
And this halter top is $8.
Be sure to check out my shop, KaitlynsDollCloset and leave a comment down below telling me which item available in my shop is your favorite!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

14 Dolloween Activities and Costumes!

Hello everybody! Today I have fourteen Dolloween posts form last year! Feel free to comment on any of them because they didn't get very many comments last year. :)

First, I did this Minnie Mouse costume tutorial!
Next is this DIY Outdoor D├ęcor along with a short photostory.
Here is a cute Sweet and Salty Snack!
Then is this Jack-O-Lantern Costume tutorial!
Next is this Trick-or-Treat Bucket and Candy craft!
Here are some cute DIY Indoor Decor  ideas!
This post is on how to make a Dolloween Bracelet and Some Chocolate Cake!
Then is this Paper Pumpkin craft!
Here is a cute Minion Costume tutorial!
Next is this craft for a Halloween Drink!
Then is this  Minecraft "Steve" Costume tutorial!
Next is this Halloween Pizza tutorial!
I hope you guys like looking at those!
Thanks for reading! :)

Monday, October 26, 2015

My Dolls Halloween Costumes!

Hey! Here are a few of my dolls Halloween costumes this year! I only dressed a few of them up this year because I didn't feel like making 11 costumes. Be sure to comment your favorite costume down below!

First is Lanie! She is a cat this year.

She made some kitty ears and a nose with whiskers, put on a gray shirt and leggings and her costume was complete!


Next is Leighton! She is dressed as Minnie Mouse!

I made this costume last year and did a tutorial on it, and I still think it's cute so I dressed Leighton in it again this year.

Aren't the ears so cute?!

Lastly, we have Ellie who is dressed as an owl!

She is wearing her owl hat and an owl print dress.


Friday, October 23, 2015

What I've been sewing #10!

Hello! Here is what I've been sewing #10! This time I sewed two items!

Here is the first item!

It is a cream colored t-shirt with purple cuffed sleeves. I used makeup sponges and nail polish to create the design on the shirt.

The last item I sewed is this tribal print infinity scarf!

It is white, gray, and mint green. I love it so much!

Which item was your favorite?!