Wednesday, December 31, 2014

All My AG Doll Clothes! Part 1: Dresses

Hey there! So, a while ago, Leah from American Girl Chick suggested that I show you all of my doll clothes! I thought that was a fantastic idea, so I am going to do it! I am splitting this up into about 5 or so parts so that there won't be too many pictures in one post. This part is going to be all my dolls dresses! I hope you guys will like this series type thing! There are 26 dresses in all!

I am also splitting all the parts into sub parts! This first subpart is all the dresses my grandma sewed for me! She is such an amazing seamstress and I am so thankful for all the clothes she made me! :)

Next are all the dresses from AG!

Then, are all the dresses I hot glued together! I used to hot glue all my doll clothes together, which was bad idea. About 1/3 of my doll clothes are hot glued and they fall apart really easily. I kinda want to throw them all away! :)

Lastly, are all the dresses I sewed. These first two I sewed years ago. The black one I sewed all by myself out of the bottom of an old skirt when I was like 12 probably. Basically the only thing I did was sew on a ribbon and hem the top. The blue dress I sewed a tiny bit but my mom basically did the rest of it.

Those are all of my doll dresses! Which one/ones are your favorite?

Bye! :)


Monday, December 29, 2014

Saige, Strawberries, and Snow! ~ A Photoshoot

Hey guys! I did this photoshoot with Saige about a week ago, and I thought I would share it with you all today! She is wearing a skirt that I made recently out of a baby hat! I hope you like the shoot! :)


Which one is your favorite?!

Thanks for reading! :)


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Haul 2014!!!

Helloooo! So, today I thought I would share with you all what I got for Christmas this year! I LOVE reading/watching hauls, and so I decided to do one for you all! I am not trying to brag or show off in any way, I am just soooooo thankful for everything I got. Also, I didn't get anything AG related for Christmas, so if you don't want to read about the human things I got, then this post isn't for you! ;)  Lets get started!

I am going to start with the things I got from my siblings. I got the awesome nail stickers from my brother Landon and the earbuds from my brother Ryan. My brother Jonathan got me a bag of sixlets, but I already ate all of those! ;D

My sister Megan got me some nice smelling lotion and hand sanitizer and a bunch of candy, but I already ate most of it! ;)   I also got a bunch of random stuff in my stocking, but I didn't take any pictures of it.

One of my grandparents gave me and my sister $50 and took us shopping! These are the things I bought with it! First is this adorable polka-dot shirt!

It has lace on the back, which I really love!

Next is this teal-ish colored shirt!

It also has lace on the back.

Lastly is this blue chevron infinity scarf! I still have $20 left from the $50 that they gave me, so I will be putting that towards either a new doll or a new camera.

This beauty set was from one of my aunts and uncles! I really love this set, and I'm so happy I got it! It has nail polish, nail stickers, lip gloss and more! So awesome! :)

From another one of my aunts and uncles I got these next three things! First is this pair of shoes! They are from American Eagle and they are really cute and sparkly! I really like them!

Next, they got me this cute shirt from Maurices! I love the style of it and the fabric is really nice and soft.

Here is a close up of the shirt!

Lastly, they got me a skirt! It goes down to my ankles and it is really pretty! I love it!

The top looks like this!

My other grandparents gave me the next few things! First, they gave me a ton of candy in this ADORABLE little cardboard gingerbread house that my grandma made!

Next, they gave me a really cute sweater that is gray and has flecks of silver weaved into it.

They also gave me this pretty infinity scarf! I really like the print and colors of it! The last thing they gave me was $25!

Now for the things my parents gave me! My parents don't spend a ton on us for Christmas, some years its more, some years its less, but this year, they spent around $50 on each of us. I think my mom did a great job picking my presents this year and I love everything I got! The first things I got were a charm bracelet, and some adorable earrings! I love all the jewelry I got and I think its so pretty!

Next, I got some lotion and perfume in my favorite scent from Bath and Body Works, Be Enchanted! I love this and it smells amazing!

Then is this navy blue shirt! I love the style of this and it is so cute!

To go along with that shirt, they gave me this navy blue and hot pink infinity scarf! This is really pretty and I love it!

One side of the scarf is sparkly and one is normal! I thought that was so cool!

The last thing I got was this shirt and infinity scarf set! I really love this and it is probably one of my favorite thing I got!

Here is the shirt without the scarf! I love the style and color of it a lot!

Here is a closer look at the scarf! I love the pattern and colors of it!
So, that is all I got! What did you like best?!
Thanks for reading!