Monday, February 8, 2016

What I've been sewing #19!

Hey!! I have been sewing a ton of stuff lately, but today I'm only going to show you the stuff I made recently for my Etsy shop, KaitlynsDollCloset!

The first thing I listed in my etsy shop was this cut pair of PJ shorts!

They are hot pink and have black and light pink leopard print.

Next are these PJ shorts!

They are pink and have snakeskin print!

Then I made these boy PJ pants!

They are royal blue and have sports print!

The last thing I made for my etsy shop recently was this skirt!

It is white and has pink and green floral print!
Be sure to check these items out in KaitlynsDollCloset!!
Which item is your favorite?!


  1. I like the skirt the best. :)

    Allie D.

  2. These are all so cute! Adam, my boy doll, could sure use some boy pajamas!;D

    1. Thanks Emma!! I hope you can buy him some! ;P