Thursday, March 3, 2016

Something different.....

Hey! Today I have something different for you. Recently, my little sister got a reborn baby doll, so I got to practice some baby photography on her! Her name is Cora Brooklyn. I hope you like the pictures! :)



  1. Aww! She's so cute! It's amazing how real she looks. :)

    -Clara <3

  2. She is precious! :) sounds like I'm talking about a real baby.

    Allie D.

  3. aw, she looks so real. :3 very cute. i admire the skill it takes to create reborns, and though i don't ever see myself collecting them, i love to see photos of them. ^-^ cora's got such a sweet little face.

  4. awwwwwww Cora!!! Her little feet are just so cute!!!

    Ellie | The Dolls of 221B

  5. You seriously could be a professional photographer! These are amazing! With how realistic she looks and the way you posed her - it's like a real newborn photoshoot!

  6. Awesome pictures! She looks so incredibly real, at first glance of this in my feed I thought you were taking pictures of a baby sister!XD She's so cute.:)