Friday, October 28, 2016

Ellie in the fall leaves ~ a photoshoot

Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm really not into American Girl dolls anymore, so from now on, I'll just be posting whenever I feel like it. My instagram account is @americangirlplace13, if you want to follow me on there, but I post the same pictures on there as I do on here. I hope you all enjoy the pictures! :)



  1. Aw, it's too bad that you're not really into dolls anymore, but I understand.:) These are some awesome pictures, I love the ones of your cat!:D

  2. That's ok that you're not into dolls at the moment, sometimes we have to move on :) That little kitty was so cute oh my gosh!!! Gorgeous photos :)
    Lydia's Dolls @

  3. I love her hair!!!! I've gone into that phase plenty of times where i'm into dolls, your not alone. Where did you get that white lacy top she's wearing? Did you make it? This photoshoot fit fall to a T :)

  4. Missing your lovely photography. Hope you are well and having fun.
    Best wishes,