Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas everybody!!!! I hope all of you have a fabulous day! I made a little Christmas morning photostory with my dolls! Enjoy! :)

It was early on Christmas morning and all of the girls were piled in McKenna, Kanani, and Claire's room, sleeping very soundly.

Izzy and Lanie had wanted to sleep with their older sisters the night before, so they had to sleep on the floor.

The older girls hadn't minded at all, as long as they didn't have to share their beds.

In the next room, the Christmas tree was set up and the presents were piled high under the tree.

The tree looked so pretty!

There were so many presents, it would take them hours to open them all!

Suddenly, Lanie heard a loud noise and half-way woke up, not fully realizing what today was!

Then it hit her! She sat up quickly and screamed "IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! Wake up, everybody!!!!!! IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!! YAY!!!!!"
Kanani was the first one to hop out of bed and go running to the living room to look at all the presents!

Next ran Izzy! She couldn't wait to spend her first Christmas with her new family! 

"Get up, you two!" Lanie said to the remaining two girls still laying in bed.
Claire was still half awake and had not yet realized that it was Christmas.
"Okay", said Lanie, "We are going to open presents with or without you two! Lets go!"

When Claire heard "opening presents", she finally realized what day it was and got so excited that she flipped out of bed! 

When Claire made her way out of the bedroom and saw all the presents, she dove into them, trying to see if she got any big ones!

"Alright everybody, find a place to sit, grab a present, and wait for McKenna." Kanani directed.

"And that means you too, Claire!" Kanani said to Claire, who was still absorbed in finding her biggest present.

McKenna was the last one to get up, and  was a little sad because she was hoping for a white Christmas, but she had watched the weather last night, and it said that there was no chance of snow in the near future. When she got up, she decided to walk by a window, just in case it had snowed.

She looked out the window and squealed with delight! Outside there was inches of snow!!!

She ran to tell the others, and when they heard, they couldn't believe their ears!

When McKenna sat down and grabbed one of her presents, it was time to start unwrapping!

"Can we start now?! I got a huge one and I really want to open it!" Claire exclaimed.

So, they tore open their presents and squeals of happiness were uttered!

"Wow! I really like this skirt mom! Thanks!" Kanani said.

"Oh my goodness, mom! These are soooo adorable! I love them!" Claire squealed.

"Even though I'm not a girly girl, I love these! All converse are adorable!" Claire said.

"I love the laces!"

Soon they had all grabbed another present and were ready to get opening!

They quickly opened those presents and were so happy to see what they got!

"This hat is sooo cute mom!" said Claire, "Where did you get it?!"

"I love pink and this sweater is so cute! Thank you!" Lanie said happily.

"I love this courderoy skirt! Thanks mom!" Izzy exclaimed.

"This skirt is so cute, and perfect for Christmas! I love it!" McKenna yelled, above all the noise.

They kept on opening presents until they had piles of them!

They got hair bows,



And even leggings!

Too soon, all the unwrapping was done, and the girls started to pile up their presents so that they could take them to their rooms.

Isabelle was a little sad and lost in her own thoughts, thinking about that beautiful dance dress that hadn't been under the tree.

"Wait, wait, wait! Are you guys SURE there aren't any more presents?!!" Lanie asked, very concerned.

McKenna popped up and looked around.
"Hey, there IS one more! It was behind me, and I guess I didn't see it! Lets see who it is for!"

"Well, it says it's for Izzy! Here you go, Isabelle!" McKenna said, giving the present to her.

Isabelle grabbed the present and hoped with all her heart that she had gotten her Christmas wish.

Slowly she tore open the paper, and seeing pink, she ripped it open quickly!

She pulled out the dance dress, her Christmas wish! She was so happy that she started dancing around the room, waving her dress! 

Merry Christmas from my dolls to yours!

I know me and my dolls had/will have one awesome Christmas and I hope you and yours had/will have a great one too! 
Merry Christmas (for the 5 billionth time)!!! 



  1. This was so adorable Kaityln! It looks like all your dolls had such a awesome Christmas! All of their gifts were so cute!
    Hope you did too! *Virtual Hugs and cookies* MERRY CHRISTMAS!!xD

    1. Aww! Thanks so much Rylee! They did! Haha! XD Merry late Christmas to you too! :)

  2. Merry Christmas guys! I loved reading the photo story! :) I hope you have a wonderful and festive day!

    ~ Mint

    1. Merry late Christmas to you too! Thanks so much! I did! :)

  3. Merry Christmas Kaitlyn! Loved the story; so glad Izzy got her dress. =)
    Have a wonderful holiday!

    1. Merry late Christmas to you too! Thanks so much! I did! :)