Monday, February 2, 2015

50 Followers Photo Contest Entries!

Hi everybody! Here are all of the entries for my photo contest! Thank you so much to everyone who entered! I really enjoyed seeing everybody's entries and you all did a fantastic job on them! It is going to be soooo hard choose the winners, but I have my whole family to help me choose! You all can comment below your favorite entries, but as I said, my family and I will be deciding the winners.  The winners will be posted tomorrow! Also, if the entrant included a description with their photo, I will be including it under their photo.

From Shelby-Grace:
 Rebecca is not feeling well, so her sister Forest is bringing her a tasty treat to cheer her up ;)

From AGAnnie M.:
Where I live "Winter" mostly just means rain, rain, and more rain.:). But that works out perfectly because my doll, Bambi, loves the rain. Her favorite activity to do in the winter is go out after a winter rain and splash in the puddles. She also likes to use the puddles as mirrors to tame any flyaway hairs.:).

From Claire

From Meghan:
Caroline and Julie watch Netflix while the big snow storm continues to blow! 

From Emma

From Allie:
Where I live there is no snow! I had a fun time being creative!

From Hunter:
My doll Morgan is taking clothes she no longer needs to donate, and Tansy is making a warm snack for when she comes back.

From Christian Homeschooler:
Felicity loves sledding with her new flying saucer.  It's so much fun!
From AJ:
Grace is enjoying her winter fun in Florida. She is enjoying swimming and hanging out near the waterfall.

From Ariel

From Dolla Belle 120
From AgMelo47

From Patricia

From Corinna
Thanks again to everybody who entered! I cant believe I got 14 entries!
Don't forget to comment below your top 2 favorite entries! :)


  1. All these entries are so good!

    My favorite is AGAnnie M.'s- I adore that photo. ^_^


  2. Good luck, everyone! Here are my top two favorite entries:
    1. Ariel
    2. Allie

  3. Wow, all these entries are amazing! :) I seriously don't think I could pick a favorite or top two or three since they're all so awesome, but some of the ones I really liked were AgAnnie M., Megan, Allie, Hunter, Christian Homeschooler, and Dolla Belle 120. :) Seriously, though, they are all so amazing. I'd hate to have to be one of the people who had to pick the winners! :) Good luck, everyone! :)

  4. I love all the enteries, but my top two are:
    ~AgAnnie M.,

  5. I love all the photos! You all did a wonderful job. My top two are:
    AG Annie M's, and Ariel's. Good luck everyone!
    ~Leah <3

  6. I love all the photos! I liked Patricia's, and then AG me. Good luck to everyone who entered!

  7. My favorites are
    AGAnnie M and Ariel.


  8. These are all so cute!! I think I like Shelby-Grace's and AGAnnie M. best :)

  9. So hard to choose... but I like AG Annie M and Christian Homeschooler's photos!

  10. besides mine (JK) i like Ariel's and Donna Belle 120's. Great contest BTW!
    -Corinna :)

  11. I love Agannie's! I've been dying to know who gets the most votes!


  12. All these entries are adorable, but my favorites are AGAnnie and Ariel.

    ~ Mint