Friday, June 19, 2015

The Rainy Day ~ a photostory

It was a rainy, depressing day and all of the dolls were stuck inside. "Uggghhh! I'm so bored and I can't even go outside.  What am I going to do?!" Claire complained to herself. 

"McKenna!!!" Claire said, running into the purple bedroom. "I'm SO bored! What can I do?!"

"Oh really? Well, you can massage my feet!" McKenna replied.

"Ewwww! No! They are probably sweaty and stinky!" Claire said in disgust.

All of a sudden, Kyler popped into the room! 

"Hey Claire! You'll never guess what I found in the attic!" Kyler exclaimed.

"What? Bird poop?!" Claire said sarcastically, rolling her eyes. 

McKenna interrupted their conversation. "Claire, just go see what he found. You were complaining to me that you were bored and now you have something to do! GO!"

"Okay, miss bossy pants!" Claire said, rolling her eyes yet again.

"Kyler, this better be good!" Claire exclaimed, following him out of the bedroom.

"What is that?!" Claire asked, looking at the weird contraption.

"It's a play-doh machine thingy!" Kyler replied.

"And why is that so awesome? Here's your doh!" Said Claire, purposely chucking it at him as hard as she could.

"You know it's awesome! You're just trying to act like you don't want to play because you want to seem mature. It's not working." Kyler said, trying to catch it.

But, he missed. "Bulls-eye!!!" Claire yelled  when it hit Kyler in the face.
"Hey! That was mean. And it hurt." Kyler said.

"You're okay! And fine! I'll play and be happy about it!" 

"Haha! You gave me red Play-Doh and you got pink!" Kyler teased, knowing that Claire hated pink.

"Oh, you think that's funny?" Claire asked, walking toward him.

"No, no, no!!! It's not funny at all!" Kyler exclaimed, preparing himself for what was about to happen.

A few seconds later, you could hear muffled screams, while Claire walked back to her seat. "That's what you get for messing with me!" Claire exclaimed.

"Now, let's try this thing out. Hmmm... looks like I stuff the doh in here..."

"And then push down..."

"Kyler! I can see why this thing was in the attic! It doesn't even work! It's supposed to make a twirly ice cream cone, but all it gave me was a twirly log." 

"There! I fixed it! How do you like it?!" Claire asked.

"Hey! What are you gonna make?!" Claire asked Kyler. 

"I think I'll try this thing!" Kyler responded.

"Actually, I think I'll try this one! Here it goes!"

"Uhhh... that didn't work. Maybe I'll try something else."

"Hey! Why don't we try this one?!" Claire asked.

"Here! I stuffed it with Play-Doh, Now you  press it down on that thing!"
"Okay! Here I go!" 

"Haha! I wonder what it's supposed to be! Maybe a cake with floppy candles?!"

"Give it to me!" Claire said, placing it on Kyler's head. " I know exactly what it is!"
"Hey! Get that off of me!" Kyler yelled, pushing it off. 

Claire glanced out the window. "Oh, look! It stopped raining! Let's go outside!!!"

"Okay! Just let me roll up my pants!" 

"Woohoo!!! Isn't this fun?!" Claire exclaimed.

"Duh!" Kyler responded.

"Hey, I bet I can splash more than you!"

"I bet you can't!"

"Oh, it's on!"

"Trust me, you'll lose!" 

So, they started splashing...

Claire went first. "I bet you can't do better than that!" Claire exclaimed, after she had gone.

Kyler splashed as hard as he could.

"I still win!" Claire bragged.

"Whatever!" Kyler replied.

"I bet you can't run as fast as me!" Kyler exclaimed, starting to chase Claire. 

"Ahhh! No fair! You didn't tell me we were starting!" Claire yelled, while running as fast as she could.

"Haha Kyler! You'll never get me over here!" Claire teased.

And so, Claire's day didn't end up SO boring after all. 

Sorry for the horrible quality pictures! It's probably not the best idea to take indoor pictures on a cloudy day.
Also, thanks for reading long and probably boring story. If you read the whole thing, I'm proud of you! ;)

My kitty wanted in so bad when I was doing the photostory! 

Isn't he so cute?!



  1. This was super cute! I'm glad they had fun!

  2. Cute photostory! You're really good at writing them!

  3. I really like this! That cat is hilarious! :)

    Allie D.

  4. Awesome photostory! Your cat is adorable. <3


  5. That machine is so cool, and the story is so cute!

  6. Your cat is adorable! What's his name?
    Okay, if you think your pictures are bad, then you will probably faint when you see how bad mine are. :)

    1. Thanks! My sister named him Mango. Haha! Yours aren't that bad! ;)

  7. Aaawww!!!!! Mango! I loved your story!

  8. I loved the photostory Kaitlyn!! And yes, your cat is absolutely adorable. :D