Friday, July 3, 2015

The 4th of July cookies ~ a photostory

Hey everybody! I did this photostory last year, around this time, and never got to post it because I didn't have a blog then. I hope you like it! :)

It was a warm, sunny Friday and a few of the girls were in the kitchen waiting for Claire to come and help them bake cookies. Suddenly, Claire burst into the room. "Okay! I'm here!"
"Well finally!" Kanani said, "You can go get all the ingredients."

"Okay!" Claire said.

About ten minutes later, Claire had added all the ingredients to the bowl.
"So, who wants to mix it?" She asked.

"I will!" McKenna exclaimed, grabbing the mixer.

She turned it on and started mixing.

A couple minutes later, she was finished.
"Does this look good guys?" McKenna asked.

"Yep! Now, who's going to roll out the dough?" Claire asked.

"I want to!" Kanani said, happily.

"This is so fun!" Kanani exclaimed.

(I'm laughing right now at how gigantic her bun was XD)

"I think I'm done!" She told everybody.

"I'll cut out the cookies!" Lanie said, excited to do her part.

"This star cookie cutter is perfect for the Fourth of July!" Lanie said

"How many do I have to cut out?" Lanie asked.

"As many as the dough makes, so you better get going." McKenna replied.

"There, I'm all done!" Lanie said.

"Now what?" She asked.

"Time to bake them!" Kanani replied.

When the cookies were done, Claire took them off the baking rack.

Time to decorate! 

Soon, they were all done and looked fabulous! 

The girls were all very proud of their delicious looking cookies!

"There we go! All packed nicely into the fridge, ready for tomorrow!" Said Lanie, as she shut the fridge door.

I know, weird ending. I have no idea why I ended it like that, but oh well. Does anybody else think Kanani's humongous bun is funny, or is it just me? ;P



  1. I loved it! Kanani's bun is huge, but super cute! :P


  2. Cute story! And yes Kanani's bun is huge! It's hilarious...

  3. Your doll's kitchen is brilliant! I love the stove.

    Her bun is as big as her head! Lol.

  4. Her bun is cute in a funny way. :)

  5. Very cute 4th of July outfits, when you have that much hair of course the bun will be that big ;)

  6. Fun photostory! I love their outfits-especially Claire's. Her infinity scarf is so pretty! :)
    Yes, Kanani's bun is quite large, but that's what comes with her having so much hair. If a real person had that much hair, they probably wouldn't be able to get it into a bun, but I think Kanani looks good in the bun. :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. Thank you a ton! Ya, but I think I could have made it smaller. idk. True, my sister has about that much hair and she can't put it in a bun! :)

  7. I love they're outfits!!
    I think Kanani's bun is very cute, but also kinda funny. ;)

  8. I love this so much! Their outfits are perfect<3 I love the navy blue infinity scarf.