Friday, July 10, 2015

What I've been sewing #2!

Hi guys! So a quite while ago, a did a post where I showed you what I had been sewing. I think I will start doing those types of posts occasionally and they will just have a number at the end (#2, #3, etc.) so that they are not all titled the same thing. This time I will be showing you the things I made my sister for her birthday!

My sister only wanted things for her bitty twins, so that's what I made her. The first outfit is this boy outfit!

I originally was not going to make her a shirt to go with these jeans, but I used an old t-shirt and put it together in less than 10 minutes.

Here are the jeans!

They have working pockets and they are so cute!

Here is a close-up of the pockets.

Next, I made her this cute outfit for her girl.

The shirt is partly white and partly cupcake print, with a ruffle in the middle, and a bow on the side.

The skirt is hot pink and has ruffles along the bottom.

This is the last outfit!

The pants are Khaki and have working pockets as well.

The shirt took me FOREVER because I had to hand sew the button holes and buttons, and I had to make it fatter and shorter to him.

Which outfit was your favorite?!



  1. I love the first outfit!

    - Ellie

  2. You are a great sewer! I loved the last outfit, so cute!

  3. The detail in the pants is amazing!

  4. I love the last outfit best! You're a great sewer! <3

  5. Cute outfits, Kaitlyn! I think I liked the last outfit best. :)

  6. You did a great job sewing the outfits! I especially like the last one. :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  7. They are all so adorable! You did a fantastic job!