Saturday, October 3, 2015

Where have I been?!

Hello everyone! Sorry that I've been one for a week. I was super busy with school and I honestly just didn't want to type up any posts. Anyways, I decided that I am only going to post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from now on because posting four times a week was getting to be a bit too much for me. So yeah, I just wanted to tell you guys that and that's basically it. Here are a few pictures of Lanie and Kyler being cute! :)



  1. That sounds great! I love Lanie and Kyler! Are they brother and sister?

    Allie D.

  2. Aww! Those pictures are so cute! I love the last one!:)

  3. Lanie's so adorable! I love her cardigan and hair.

  4. Aw!!! They look so cute together! ;)