Friday, September 25, 2015

Lace sweaters and leggings ~ a photoshoot

Hey! Here is a photoshoot I did with Kanani a few days ago! I love these and I hope you guys do too! :)

I recently made her sweater! I like it but I wish I would have had some of my old lace left to use on it.

I kinda cut her hair.... Ooops? I don't know, it was just really bugging me ever since I curled it in tight ringlets. Also, when I curled it in ringlets, I cut the frizz off the end of each ringlet which made the hair really uneven. So, I recently just decided to straighten it, cut it to make it even, and then recurl it. This time when I recurled it, I used a mini shampoo bottle to roll it up which made the curls bigger so they weren't so tight. Then I poured boiling water on her hair and this is what happened after it was basically dry. I'm happy with the result, it is mostly like her normal hair.



  1. Lovely photos! Kanani is stunning!
    ~Nicole & the others @

  2. I love her outfit! And her hair is gorgeous!

  3. Love these pictures! The last one is amazing! I love her hair!:)

  4. OH.MY.GOSH!!!! The pictures of her leaning against the tree are some of the most beautiful photos I've seen!!! And her hair looks amazing! :D

    1. Aww! Thanks so much Jaclynn! That means so much to me! :)

  5. I love all of the photos! Kanani is stunning!
    ps: The sweater is cute. :)

  6. I love her hair and sweater! Great job :)

  7. Did her hair stay that way? I've tried to curl my Kanani's hair with no success. :)
    - American Girl Doll Artist

  8. Her hair looks great- looks like the boiling water trick worked! Whenever I see pictures of Kanani it always makes me smile :)

  9. Cute pictures! Her hair looks wonderful. I've had to do the same thing before with the girls. Curls just get so frizzy sometimes!

  10. Gorgeous!!!! She's beautiful!!!!! the colors of her dress and the color of the grass or perfect :)

  11. Hi Kaitlyn! You have been nominated for the Liebster Award on my blog. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

    Allie D.