Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dolloween series day 9: DIY paper pumpkin decoration!

Hey! I'm posting really late because I was working on a costume all day and I didn't finish it yet. So, this post was for tomorrow as sort of a small bonus post, since I said I probably wouldn't post on Sundays, but I didn't finish the costume tutorial that I had planned for today, so this sucky little post will have to do. It's nothing amazing, but I hope you guys like it!

You will need: green and brown craft foam, orange construction paper, scissors, a stapler, and (optional) a hot glue gun.
Cut 6 strips of orange construction paper.
Arrange them in the order as shown above, and staple them together in the middle. Trim them down as much as you want. The shorter the strips are, the smaller your pumpkin.
Put them together at the top like shown and staple the top together.
This is what it should look like from the front.
Glue or staple on a stem shape, cut out of brown foam.
Cut out a green leaf shape, and glue or staple it on. That's it! I hope some of you guys try this! Here is a little photoshoot I did with Leah and the pumpkin!

Thanks for reading! :)