Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dolloween series day 12: Minecraft "Steve" costume!

Hey there! Today I will be showing you how to make a minecraft "Steve" costume! It is super easy and only took me about 45 minutes! This is a great project for all of you who love Minecraft or can't sew!
Here is what it should look like when you're done.
You will need: a cardboard box, a hot glue gun, a glue stick, scissors, black, dark blue, light blue, and light brown construction paper, and dark blue, light blue and brown markers.

Cut a piece of your cardboard box long enough to bend around your doll in a big rectangle. Make sure it goes above your dolls shoulders and to the bottom of her bottom.
This is what it should look like when bent around your doll with your doll taken out.
Draw on two arm holes in the places where your arms will go, and cut them out. Make sure you leave about 1/2 an inch of space above each armhole.
This is how it should now look when tried on your doll.
Cut pieces of cardboard big enough to fit on the top of your costume. Cut a neck hole in the center. Hot Glue the pieces onto the front and sides of your costume.
Do not hot glue the back onto those pieces.
Fold a piece of cardboard as long as your dolls arm ( from the top of her shoulder to the tips of her fingers), and wide enough to bend around your dolls arm in a rectangle shape. Glue it together with a hot glue gun. Cut a big triangle out if one side and put the arm piece on your doll (the first piece should already be on) and shove the arm piece into the body a little. Hot glue a piece of cardboard on the top, covering up whatever skin is still showing.
Hot glue a piece of cardboard onto the bottom of your arm piece. Make two arm pieces.
This is what it should look like with the arms on. Do not glue the arms onto the body.
Make two leg pieces by folding pieces of cardboard into rectangles that fit around your dolls legs. Glue a piece of cardboard onto the bottom of each of the legs. Look at a picture of minecraft "Steve" and cover the costume in construction paper according to how he looks in the picture. Use markers to add details and you're done!
Here is what the finished product should look like! I took some photos of Claire modeling it! I hope you like them! :)

I hope you like this costume tutorial!
Thanks for reading! :)



  1. Awww this is so stinking cute! I love it; you come up with the best ideas! =D

  2. So cute! I love minecraft. I will have to make this!!

  3. This costume is soooo cute and absolutely hilarious! It's a defiant thing to put on my craft list. I play Minecraft a lot so this is perfect for me. Seriously, awesomeness :0)
    - Zoë

    1. Thanks sooooo much! IKR! She looks so funny in it! :) Cool! I play it a lot too!

  4. That is so cool, my dolls love Minecraft (and so do I)!!

    1. Thanks sooo much! We all love minecraft too! :D

  5. This is perfect! You are literally the most creative person ever!! :D

    ~ Mint

  6. MUST. MAKE. THIS. Wish I saw this tutorial earlier. I'll use it new Halloween!

    1. Haha! Thanks so much! I hope you make it next year! :)

  7. awwwwwwww, that's so creative and can be transformed into any costume really