Monday, August 25, 2014

Be-You-Tiful Award!!! + some awesome giveaways to check out!

 Hey! About a week ago, I was nominated for the Be-You-Tiful Award by Ginny and June! Today I will be doing it for you guys! So, here it goes!

Here are the rules:
  1. Draw or take a picture that represents (at least) 7 different things about you (your personality, hobbies, etc.) and explain it.
  2. Ask Ten Questions
  3. Answer the questions the person that nominated you asked
  4. Nominate somebody
  1. I chose to take a picture over drawing one because I love photography.
  2. The doll I chose is McKenna because she is the doll who looks most like me.
  3. There is a horse in the picture because I love horses.
  4. There  is a tree house in the picture because when I was little, I loved treehouses and I had several of them around my yard. (Now I'm too tall to fit in them)
  5. McKenna is wearing shoes that I made because I love to make doll shoes.
  6. McKenna is wearing aqua shorts because that is my favorite color.
  7. There is a magazine in the treehouse because I love to read.

Here are the questions I was nominated to answer:
 1. Pens or pencils?
2. Ice cream or candy? 
Oooooooh! That's so hard! I guess I'll go with candy!
3. Pudding or Jello?
Definitely jello! I hate pudding. :P
4. How many chucks would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Uhhhhh.... hmmmmm.... google says: As much wood as a woodchuck could chuck,
If a woodchuck could chuck wood. Lol!
5. How many licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
Uhhhhh.... 857! Duh!
6. Thoughts on BeForever?
I am really excited about it! I love kit and Julie's new outfits!
7. Winter or summer?
8. What Camera do you use?
A Kodak easy share!
9. Do you like Peeps?
I used to love them, but now they make me sick!
10. Favorite GOTY?
Lanie for sure!

Questions for Nomimees to answer!

1. Isabelle or Lanie?
2. Sew your own doll clothes or buy them?
3. Bitty twins or bitty babies?
4. Bright Pink or bright blue?
5. Puppies or kittens?
6. What doll do you want next?
7. Curly hair or straight hair?
8. Lakes or pools?
9. Fall or spring?
10. Brushes or combs?

Now for the nominees!
I nominate: Doll Stars, The Abbot Doll Family, Carrot and Claire, AG Penny Pincher, and Oh My Dollies!

Also, check out all these awesome giveaways!!! My computer wouldn't let me copy and paste the pictures for the giveaways, so I'm just going to tell you what they are and give you the link. :)
Oh My Dollies!  She is giving away the ruffled hoodie outfit! It is super cute!

Fun With AG Fan! She is giving away an adorable back to school outfit from American Planet!

American Girl Northwest  She is giving away two awesome prizes including a mini doll! Learn more by clicking the link!


  1. This is such a cool award, do you know who created it?

    1. Thanks! Cassie from Call Me Crazy created it!

  2. Congrats on being nominated!!! I love your picture, it's beautiful! And McKenna's shoes are so so so cute!!!


  3. Thanks so much, Maddie! I had fun making her shoes!

  4. That picture is so pretty! Congrats on the award and thanks for the nomination! ;)

    ~ Mint

  5. I love your pic and your answers! :D

  6. I agree with Ginny, I love your picture and answers, too :D Thank you so much for nominating me, it means a lot to me!! :D

    ★ Shelby-Grace ★

    1. Also, thank you for sharing about my giveaway!

      ★ Shelby-Grace ★

    2. Thanks, Shelby-Grace! And you are so welcome!!!

  7. Hi! Thanks for nominating me! I just posted mine :)

  8. I love your answers and your picture!

    -Cassie ^.^

  9. AGP We have the same thoughts on peeps. I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE them. But now after ONE bite I feel sick & give it to my sibling.