Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CDD dance performance! (Part 1)

Hey guys! At the end of that week my dolls had a dance performance! Here it is!

 "Hurry up, Claire!" said McKenna , "The show is gonna start any minute now!"

 "The room is filling up!" said Lanie nervously, looking around the room.
 "Tadaa! I'm all done!" exclaimed Claire. "Good!" said Kanani, "My back is aching!"
 "Are you guys ready?!" asked Claire. "Yeah!" they all exclaimed, and did their team hand thingy-ding.
 "Oh, I'm so nervous!" Whispered Lanie
 The councilor  called them out and they walked out quickly.
 Lanie glanced out at the crowd nervously and walked to the end of the stage.

 The music started and they started doing the dance they learned

 Soon, they were all off stage and it was time for them to do their indivisual dances.
 First up was Lanie! She did a spinning dance!
 She did great!
 High fives!
 Next was McKenna!
 She did a dance that incorporated gymnastics!

 "Great job, McKenna!" whispered Kanani
 Kanani did a Ballet dance!

 Lastly was Claire!
 She just did a random dance that she made up!
 "Guys, councilor Leah said we all need to come take a bow!" said Claire
 They all took a bow!
 "Hello Ladies and Gentelmen! Thank you so much for coming tonight! If you decide to stick around there will be refreshments! Some nice gentlemen are setting up the treats right now! Thank you!" Leah said.
 Soon, everyone had gotten their treats except for Claire.
 She just has a herd time making decisions!
 "Hmmmmm, well, I guess I'll just get a fruit kabob and a pop!" Claire finally decided.

 "Hey, guys! councilor Leah is coming!" exclaimed McKenna.
 The girls were just finishing packing up, so they wondered what she was going to say.
" Hey girls! Since you did such a good job on your performance tonight, I've decided to take you all out for ice cream tomorrow!" Said Leah happily.
"YAY!!!!!!!!" screamed the girls. "Today was a great day!" said Lanie.

Thanks for reading everybody! I hope you liked it! Part 2 coming tomorrow!


  1. Great story! Very creative and I love the dolls stretching in the background :)

  2. Super cute!!! I can't waif for part two! =D


  3. We nominated you for an award on our blog. You can see it here:http://smalltownamericangirlz.blogspot.com/2014/08/be-you-tiful-award.html Congrats!

    1. Thanks! I probably will do it on Saturday!

  4. This is adorable! Again, I can't get over their skirts! <3

    ~ Mint