Thursday, August 21, 2014

The girs CDD morning!

It was a quiet morning in the girls cabin, and everyone was fast asleep.
Kanani was snoring........
Lanie was sleeping peacefully.........
McKenna was having a crazy dream.......
And Claire was just sleeping normally!
Finally, Kanani woke up and stretched.
Then she woke up Lanie, her little alarm clock!
Lanie got out of bed and screamed "WAKE UP!!!!!!!"
It scared the girls so bad that they fell out of bed!
"Oh my goodness!" said Claire, still half asleep, " You scared me sooo bad! What's your problem?!"
After they were fully awake, they had a good laugh about what had happened.

Extra info:
McKenna's pj top: AG
All other PJ pieces: Made by me
Bunkbeds: Made by me and my mom and painted by me and my Grandma
Dresser and lamp: Made by me
Bed: AG box
Blankets, pillows, and bedding: made by my mom and grandma

I think this is the end of the CDD stuff I did! Thanks for reading!


  1. I love that you made the bunk beds yourself!

  2. This post is super funny and cute! I love all their PJ's =D


  3. You did a great job on their pajamas! Really cute :D

  4. That was pretty funny, poor Claire she fell out of bed! Anyways cute photostory.

  5. Hi! This is Kelsey, from AG Penny Pincher. Thank you for all of your kind comments! I love your blog! I am very impressed by all of the things you make yourself! You are so creative! ~Kelsey

  6. Your welcome! And thank you so much! You are very creative too!