Sunday, August 24, 2014

"Beauty supplies" tutorial!

Hey guys! As you can see from my previous post, I won Fun with AG Fan's contest! The set I won as my prize came with a thing the set said was a "beauty case", so I decided to make some "beauty supplies" to go with it! Here is the tutorial!
 Supplies: An old cereal or candy box or anything like that, scissors, a clear pony bead, a large bead, hot glue gun, clear plastic, a random piece of fun foam, pink fun foam, black fun foam, two other colors of fun foam in corresponding colors of your choice, tin foil, an old toothbrush, a q-tip, and black, white, and a lipgloss looking nail polish.
 For the blush, cut a black rectangle about the size of your dolls hand and cut a pink piece like shown and glue it on.
 Cut small black strips and outline it with them. Then cut one long black strip and glue it around the sides.
 Cut a piece of clear plastic the size of the top of your whole container and bend the edge down.
 Glue it on the back and glue another strip of black foam over that.
 Cut a small piece of your old box, fold it into thirds, glue it down, and cover it with black foam.
 Put some hot glue on the top of it and press your tooth brush into it. Wait a while, then cut the bristles off your toothbrush and they should be connected to your brush.
 Paint the bristles black with your nail polish.
 And your blush is done!
 For the mascara, cut your q-tip in half and use the same method for the mascara brush as you did with the blush brush except do it all around.

 Paint it black, then roll up a piece of cardboard, making it smaller at the top and larger at the bottom, and cover it with foam.
 Put foam on the top,
 and the bottom and poke a hole through the bottom one. Then insert your brush.
 Lastly, roll a piece of your cardboard again smaller at the top and larger at the bottom, leaving a hole in the middle big enough for the brush to fit in, and cover it with foam, including the bottom (not the top). Wrap a strip of your coordinating foam around the top piece(make sure you only glue the strip to the top piece so that it can open).
 For the lipgloss, roll a piece of fun foam smaller than your pony bead and paint it white then your lipgloss color. Glue it on your pony bead.
 Glue a piece of clear plastic around it.
 Roll up a piece of foam a tiny bit smaller than your lipglosss, and cover it with foil, and glue it on.
For the nail polish, roll up a piece of cardboard, cover it with black foam, and glue it on a large bead.
And your finished! Now your doll has some nice beauty supplies to make her look prettier!

Thanks for reading! Bye!


  1. Oh these are so cute!!! :D I especially love the lip gloss and the blush :)

  2. Ugh, why are you so perfect?!?!? XD these are all super cute and creative, I especially love the lip gloss!


    1. You are sooo sweet Maddie! Thank you so much! :)

  3. Yay! Thanks for posting this! After seeing your last post, I really wanted to learn how to make all of the makeup! :D

    ~ Mint

  4. That's so cute! I love the mascara brush!