Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Camp Doll Diaries!!! (late)

Hey guys! I did a bunch of camp doll diaries stuff in june, but it never got to post them because I wasn't allowed to have a blog until then! So, here is my dolls first day of CDD!
 It was a Thursday morning at Camp Doll Diaries, and all the girls were lined up to register. They had to hurry, because today was the last day to sign up!
 "Hello, girls!" said the lady at the desk. "You better hurry up! I was just about to close!"
 So, the girls all hurried to sign up.
 "I'm Leah, and I will be your counselor this year. Here is your info sheet about me and where you will be staying." said the lady from the desk.

 "Thanks!" said the girls
The girls found their room and got all settled in. 
 "This is a cool  room!" Kanani said, looking out the window.
 "Yeah! I love my bunk!" Lanie exclaimed.

"This summer will be so much fun!" McKenna said excitedly.

I hope you enjoyed this photo story! I will probably post every other day from now on! Sometimes it might be less often than that though! Bye!!! :)


  1. This is so cute! I love their room! Cool! I post every other day too. :)

    ~ Mint

    1. Thanks! I think that posting every other day is a good schedule! It's not too much, but not too little. :)

  2. Their room is so cute! I love the triple bunk bed!


  3. Thanks Maddie! My mom and I made the bunk beds a few years ago!