Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Restaurant in Town?! ~ a photostory

Hey! Here is the photostory I said I would do a while ago when I did a tour of my restaurant! I hope you guys like it! :)

One day McKenna and Ellie were walking home, after a long day at school.

"Hey McKenna, I'm hungry!" Ellie said.

"Well, you'll just have to wait till we get home. There are no restaurants in this town, so we can't go out to eat anyways."

"What's that over there?" Ellie asked.
"Uhhh, it looks like a restaurant" McKenna replied.

"Yeah, and it says open, so let's go check it out." Ellie said.

They walked in and looked for the place to order.

Ellie looked around.

She saw a mom and her little boy sitting at a booth eating.

The food looked so good and Ellie's mouth started water.

McKenna walked up to the ordering booth.

"Hello!" said the waitress, "How many do you have?"

"Just two." McKenna said.

"Okay then, follow me!" The waitress said, grabbing two menus.

"Right this way, please!" she told them.

"Here is your booth! I'll let you sit down and decide what you want to drink, and I'll come back in a few minutes."

So, they sat down and looked at the drinks.
 "I think I'll get 7up, what are you gonna get?" McKenna asked.

"Um, I'll get the same thing." Ellie replied.

"Have you two decided what you want to drink?" The waitress asked.

"I'll take a 7up." Ellie told her.

"Same thing for me!" McKenna said.

The waitress left and went over to get their drinks.

"There you go." She said, setting the drinks on the table.

"So, what are we gonna eat?" Ellie asked.

"Um, I don't know. What looks good to you?" McKenna replied.

They looked at their menus and read over everything.

"How about pizza? I actually really feel like eating pizza."

"Okay, that sounds good." McKenna said.

"Are you ready to order" The waitress asked.

She got her order pad ready.

"Yep, we'll just take a pizza." McKenna ordered.

A bit later, the waitress came back with their plates.

And then, their pizza.

"I hope you enjoy your pizza!" she said.

"Mmmm, it looks so good!" McKenna said, grabbing a slice.

They each grabbed two slices and were ready to start eating.

Ellie picked up one of her slices and took a bite.

"Wow, this is so good!" Ellie exclaimed.

"Mmm, it is delicious!" McKenna said.

"That was some of the best pizza I've ever had!" Ellie exclaimed.

"Yep," McKenna agreed, "And it's great that we have extra to take home to everybody else."

Soon, the waitress came back to take their plates.

She also gave them their bill with a coupon inside.

McKenna put her money inside.

Then, she left a tip on the table, grabbed her pizza and coupon, and got up.

"Hey, let's get something from the bakery!" Ellie exclaimed.

"I can't believe you're still hungry!" McKenna exclaimed. "I guess we can get something if you want."

"Hello girls! What can I get for you?" the baker said.

The girls looked over the delicious treats.


"I'll take a cinnamon roll." Ellie said.

"Um, I'll take a donut." McKenna said.

The baker laid the treats out on the counter.

"Here they are!" she said

"That will be $3 please."

McKenna gave her the money.

"Thank you! Have a nice day!" she called.

"We will!" the girls called back, and walked out, enjoying their treats.


  1. What an amazing restaurant! I love it. You take great care of your dolls!

  2. Wow, we want to come over and eat some pizza too! The food looks delicious!
    ~The OurAGDollhouse dolls

  3. The restaurant is sooo cool. Maybe I make one for my dolls.......

  4. Awe, that was so cute! Everything you made looks great, too! When they were about order at the bakery, I was looking at all the treats and said in my head "Cinnamon roll! Cinnamon roll!" and when Ellie ordered that I said, "YES!" LOL! :D

    1. Thanks soooo much Jaclynn! Haha! That's so funny! XD

  5. awesome pictures :) Love the boothes :)