Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Prizes from Leah (AG Chick)!!!

Hi! So, a few weeks ago, I received my prizes from Leah for winning first place in her 50 followers photo contest! I love all the prizes and I just want to say thank you sooo much to Leah!

The first things that came in the package were a letter and a gorgeous poster!

The letter was so sweet and I loved the poster!
The next thing that came in the package was this adorable halter top!

I love this top so, so, so much!!! The fabric is so pretty and the color is one of my favorites!


The last thing that came in the package was this awesome laptop!

This is perfectly doll sized and so realistic!

It is really cool!

Ever since we got the laptop, all the dolls have been fighting over it!

Daxton wants to play video games....

....But Kanani wants to watch youtube videos!

Again, thank you soooooo much Leah! I really, really love everything!


  1. Glad you enjoy the items!

  2. Aww- what cute items :) Congrats on winning!

  3. I got the halter top, poster, and letter from Leah as well. I really would love it if y'all (Kaitlyn's readers) would check out her blog! It's magnificent! :)

    Allie D.

  4. Those prizes are amazing! That halter top is so cute and so is the computer!:D

  5. What great prizes! Lucky ducky you!
    - Dawn

  6. Those are so cute!!! I love the poster. And the little MacBook. :)

  7. The laptop is really adorable, my dolls need one! The computer situation sounds a lot like mine right now ;)