Friday, September 4, 2015

Recent Etsy Purchases!

Hi guys! Today I'm going to be showing you some things I bought from Etsy in the past few weeks! I'm not trying to brag about anything I got and I bought it all with my own money, so please don't think I'm spoiled. ;)   Let's get started!

The first shop I ordered from was Unending Treasures!

The first item I got from this shop was this gray and white striped cardigan.

The fabric is really soft and it is pretty well made.

The next item I got was this aqua blue cardigan!

The color is actually a lot brighter in real life.

I love this one sooo much and it is my absolute favorite color!

The final item I got from this shop was the brown belt Ellie is wearing.

It is very realistic and really good quality

The next shop I ordered from was Circle C Sewing!

The first item from this shop was this adorable pair of black and white tribal print leggings!

They are super cute and stylish!

Next I got these teal and cream tribal print leggings!

These are awesome and I love them!

Next, is this pair of blue denim looking leggings!

These are really soft and I really like them

The last item from this shop is this adorable shirt!

This shirt is super soft and I just love it sooo much!

The last shop I ordered from was Her Doll Essentials!

The only item I ordered from this shop was this feather necklace!

It is super nice quality and easy to get on.

I also ordered an eBay package from pleides292011!

I have wanted an owl hat for my dolls forever and I finally found one that I loved!

It is very nicely made and I love the colors!

Which item was your favorite?!


  1. Omg! I love all of it! But I would have to say my favorites would probably be the denim leggings and the pink shirt. I also adore the owl hat!!!! :D

  2. I love CircleCSewing's items! It's one of my all time favorite shops!

  3. Mckenna looks great in the necklace!

  4. That owl hat is great! I love the tribal leggings and the outfit that has the denim and pink shirt :-) Also the feather necklace is very stylish *.*

  5. My favorite item would have to be the tribal print leggings, it's so hard to find fabric in scale for dolls! I love the owl hat, it's so cute! I also really love the grey and white striped cardigan.

  6. I love everything you got! I love that tank top with the lace trim! It is so modern and I can totally see it for people in stores!:)

    1. I know! That was one of my overall favorites too! :)

  7. Hello, Kaitlyn! :)
    I was browsing, which is a neat doll blog that you have probably heard of before. ;) They have these really cool posts about how to improve your Etsy listing pictures so that they look enticing and professional. Those posts really helped me make my Etsy listings a lot better, so I thought you might be interested! Just go to The Doll Wardrobe, and in their search bar, type in "branding your Etsy squares". The posts should pop up.
    Let me know if you check it out! :)


    1. Thanks so much for telling me about this! I looked at it a little and it looks really helpful! :)

    2. Good! I hope it comes in handy. :)