Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tutorial: Isabelle's Funky Leggings!!!

Hey guys! The other day I was thinking of something I wanted to make, and Isabelle's funky leggings came to mind! I thought this would be a pretty easy tutorial for most of you, so let's get started!

You will need some hot pink material, elastic, scissors, small, round studs( I got mine from eBay for a dollar and some odd cents. They are the 6mm kind), and either some very light pink material or a very light pink ribbon.
First, cut a piece of material that fits around your dolls waits plus an extra inch or so, and goes from your dolls elbow to her ankles.
Take about an inch or an inch and a half at the top and fold that inch or so in half and sew it down. Then insert your elastic and sew it in.
Fold your piece in half with the insides facing you, and sew down the open side.
Flip it right side out and cut down the middle of the leggings, leaving about 4 or 5 inches at the top uncut.
Flip it inside out and fold the bottom edges up and sew them down.
Then sew around the open legs like shown.
Flip it right side out and it should look something like this.
Then try it on your doll.
If you are using ribbon, then skip these next three steps. If you are using material, then the first thing you do is cut a strip of material and fold the two sides into the middle like shown.
Then fold it in half, like shown, and sew it down.
Then sew the edges, so that they don't fray, like shown.
Then fold your piece in half, and sew it on the side of your dolls leg, right below her knee.
Lastly, look at a photo of Isabelle's actual leggings, and put your studs on according to that pattern.
And your finished!!!
Now you have an adorable pair of leggings that look like Isabelle's!
Have fun! :)

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  1. Oh my goodness! Those look EXACTLY like Izzy's leggings! Great job!!! ♥

  2. Great tutorial! They look so much like the real ones! All of your Isabelle clothes are really cute! :)

  3. Whoa there! You recreated those perfectly! I am definitely going to try this out rather than buying the real ones! Thanks for posting this!

    ~ Mint

  4. Those are really cool! They look easy enough so I'm going to give them a try.

  5. Wow, those look great!


  6. They look just like Izzy's leggings! I think I have some extra fabric around somewhere....(I may need my grandmas help :0)

  7. Woah.... your version and the actual version are identical!

  8. WOW!!!!!! You should so work at American Girl!!! If you put yours and American girls together, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference!!!