Friday, October 10, 2014

Some new AG outfits I ordered!

Hey guys! So about 2 weeks ago, I ordered some items from AG and I thought I would show them to you! These are two of the items I ordered. I'm gonna do a little review on each outfit!

I got the Sunny Isle outfit and the Striped Hoodie outfit! I love them so much and they are so much cuter and more detailed in real life!
I chose Claire and McKenna to be my models, and they look super cute! :)
First up is the Sunny Isle outfit!

It comes with a cute hoy pink flower hair clip,
an adorable yellow top,
Some awesome tropical print shorts,
And some orange-ish peach colored flip flops! This outfit is really high quality and its so cute! All the pieces look so cute together and I definitely recommend it! I'd give it a 10 out of 10!
Next is the striped hoodie outfit! I have wanted this outfit for so long, so I'm glad I finally got it!

It comes with two fuscia colored hair elastics that match one of the colors on the hoodie,
An adorable hoodie with a really cute design,

Some orange pants,
And a pair of converse style tennis shoes! These are definitely one of my favorite items in the outfit!
The only thing I had a problem with was the hood part n the hoodie. It was a tiny bit difficult to get on, and it doesn't really fit on your dolls head too well. Overall, I love this outfit and definitely recommend it! I give it a 9 out of 10.

I love the shoes!!!
Oh, and I got one more thing: A NEW DOLL!!!!!!!!! 
Yay! I will be revealing her tomorrow but feel free to guess which doll I got!
I'm editing in a hint!
Hint: She has blonde hair! 

Thanks for reading! :) 


  1. Love the outfit reviews; both of those are on my wish-list.
    AND OOOH. A new doll?!?! Hmm... I couldn't even begin to guess who you got... xD

    1. Thanks! You should totally get them! :) You'll find out tomorrow!

  2. I have always liked those outfits! I think you got a historical. Not sure who but I think so... :)
    AG Chick

  3. Mckenna and Claire both look so cute in those outfits! Ohhhh, a new doll? I think maybe Samantha ;)

    1. Thanks! Good guess, but I just updated the post and gave a clue, so it's not her! But I might get her, she's super cute! :)

  4. I am thinking about getting the sunny isle outfit Thanks for the review!!! Did you get Isabelle?

  5. Cute! I really want to buy the first outfit!

  6. I love your new outfits, they're so cute!! A NEW DOLL??? Hmm.....Julie or Isabelle or a MAG? I dunno or maybe Caroline. :)

  7. I think it is Isabelle! Why? You always make all sorts of Isabelle's clothes!

  8. Super cute outfits! I'd guess the doll but you told me who it is already so...;) I won't spoil anything =)


  9. I have the Stripes outfit and it's super awesome! The shoes have great mix-and-match value and the whole outfit is well made. I think the Sunny Isles outfit looks really cute. I love those shorts! Hmmm... I have a hunch you got Isabelle.
    - Zoë

    1. Yep, I love it! Especially the shoes! Hmmmm....your hunch may be right! ;)

  10. Those outfits are so cute! Great review! I can't wait to see which doll you got! :)

  11. Great outfit choices! I can't wait to see what doll you got! :D

    ~ Mint

  12. I love the converse style shoes too! I can't wait to see what doll you got (But I guess Isabelle-you have been making her outfits.)