Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tutorial: Isabelle's sparkly skort!!!

Hey guys! Today I'm going to show you how to make Isabelle's sparkly skort! I've loved this skort ever since i first saw it, and I've wanted to recreate it ever since! So, let's get started!

You will need: a hot glue gun, a sewing machine, scissors, some coral material, some extremely light pink material, and coral, light purple, and white sequins (I found those on eBay for around a dollar each pack).
Cut a piece of your light pink material whose width goes from your dolls tag to the middle of her knee,
And wraps around her waist about 1 1/2 times.
Then cut two more pieces of light pink about half the length of your first piece and a little bit shorter, like shown.
They should wrap around your doll as much as like shown.
Cut a strip of your light pink material long enough to wrap around your dolls waist plus a little more. And about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide.
First, sew your two half sized pieces together, like shown.
Then, fold the edges under twice and sew them down on both your long piece and your piece that you just sewed, which should now be as long as your first piece anyways.
Sew a line across the top, making sure not to back stitch, and leave long strings hanging from either end. I also cut a bit off the top like I showed to make the skort shorter.
Then ruffle it a bit, by holding one of the strings on one end pullng the fabric downwards, and making sure it fits around your doll once plus a little extra.
Sew the two long pieces together, putting the ruffled piece on top, making sure that it is lower down than the bottom piece.
Here is what it should look like from the back.
Trim down the sides of the back piece and angle them out like shown.
Get your strip, fold it in half, place it on your other piece like shown, and sew it on. Make sure the ruffled part is facing up towards you.
When you flip it up, it should look something like this.
Flip it inside out, and fold it in half, lining up your edges. Sew down the edges, like shown, making sure to sew your two layers separately.
Then, you can try it on your doll.

Cut a small slit in the middle of your bottom layer, as shown by my fingers.
Flip it inside out and sew the two sides together, where you made the slit.
Flip it right side out and try it on your doll.
Mine didn't fit correctly in the back, so I had to cut a large slit in the bottom, back layer and sew in a big triangle. You will most likely have to do that too.

Next, get your coral material, and cut a strip that wraps around your doll a bit more than 1 1/2 times. Fold the outer edges into the center, like shown.
And then fold that in in half and sew/glue it down. I glued mine because it was way too hard to sew.
And then sew/glue it onto your skirt like shown.
Then get your sequins and a photo of the actual skort (I just had one saved ti my camera roll on my ipod) and just copy the design of it the best you can. I used my hot glue gun to put them on the skirt.
And you are done! Sorry for the sucky lighting, I worked on this all day and so it was dark when I took the photos.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Wow! That looks almost exactly like the real thing! Great job!

  2. It looks identical the the actual skirt! I want to try and make this sometime, it looks fun to sew.
    - Zoë

    1. Thanks so much! It was really fun for me to sew! :) Have fun!

  3. That is so cute, and looks exactly like the real one! Just adorable! I wish I could sew. xD

    1. Thanks sooo much! You should try sewing sometime! It's really fun! ;)

  4. That looks so much like the real thing! Wow!

  5. Nice tutorial! You did a great job recreating the design and sharing the process with us. As a fellow sewer I noticed that ironing would help the skirt to look more professional and neat. But overall, great job and I defiantly appreciate the time and effort you put into this.

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah, I thought about ironing it, but I was too lazy to do it. ;P It wasn't really wrinkly in the end, so I was happy about that! :)

  6. Whoa, that looks great!!!!!


  7. That's so cool! You're really creative! :)

  8. That is super good work, it looks just like it!

  9. It looks great! You are really talented.

  10. This is awesome! You are so good at recreating items from American Girl!

    ~ Mint

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