Thursday, September 11, 2014

Belted skirt tutorial!!!

Hey guys! The other day, I had some material to use up, so I came up with this tutorial! I wanted to use the material up because I have had it for a while, and I never really liked it, so I tried to turn it into something semi-cute. I hope you like it!

You will need: some material( I'd say enough to wrap around your doll 3 or 4 times), matching fun foam, a little bit of mechanical wire, wire cutters, scissors, a hot glue gun, and a sewing machine.
Cut it as wide as it is from your dolls waist to the top of her knee.
On the bottom, fold the material over twice and sew it down. Then sew a straight line across the top, making sure  not to back stitch on either end, and leave some length to the strings hanging off.

There should be two strings hanging off either end. Go to one side, take one of the strings, ONE of them, I repeat ONE OF THEM, and hold onto it while pushing the material downward. It should look something like the above picture, but be ruffled all the way. I didn't have enough material, so I just made it so that the front was ruffled and the back was not.
Next, cut a strip of your material that is as long as your other piece( which should fit around your doll with some extra room) and at least 2 inches wide.
Sew it on the top with your outsides facing each other.
Flip it up and it should look like this.
Fold the top part over and sew it down like shown.
Measure how big it needs to be by putting it around your doll, then flip it inside out and sew where you need to. Cut off the excess.
Flip it right side out ......
And try it on your doll.
For the belt, cut a strip of foam a bit more than 1/4 an inch wide and cut it in half.
For your belt hook, bend a piece of your wire into a square the same width as your foam strip. Then, cut a smaller piece and bend it around the other piece like shown.
Get one of your half strips of foam, and poke your wire piece through it, like shown, leaving a little extra foam on the end.
Fold the extra foam on the end over and cut a small strip for the end of the belt to go through and glue it on like shown. With your other half foam piece just round off the edge like shown above.
But the belt together like a normal belt, and glue it on the skirt using your hot glue gun. That's it!

              Now for a photoshoot!!!

  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 

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  1. Love the skirt!! The photos are beautiful too.

  2. Super cute!!! I love the belt, it's so creative!


  3. Ah!, looks so cute! Love the belt added on. Gives lots of detail. Seriously, you've got to open on Etsy shop ;0)
    - Zoë

  4. Thanks so much! I'm definitely thinking about it! :D