Thursday, September 4, 2014

PJ and slipper tutorial!

Hi guys! I did this tutorial a while ago for CDD and also so my dolls would have some summer pj's, but I didn't have a blog then, so I couldn't post it! Here is the tutorial!

You will need:
• an old pair of leggings (mine were toddler sized)
• some matching material
• scissors
• a sewing maching
• a hot glue gun
• fun foam
First, Cut part of a leg off your legging( I used the bottom part) and cut a slit up the middle.
Then, fold it inside out and sew up the slits you cut.
Flip it right side out and try it on your doll.
Cut off any excess at the top.
Fold the top over once and sew it down. Make sure the back is a bit bigger than the front.
Try it on your doll to see if it fits.
Lastly, you can add a little bow or something like that on the front!
For the shirt, get your other material, and cut a piece that will wrap around your doll about 1 1/4 times and is tall enough that it reaches from the top of your dolls legs to the bottom of her chin.
Fold it in half
Cut a neck hole making sure it's not too big. Then cut an armhole by starting at the very top of one side, going in about half an inch or less from the edge, cutting down at a slight angle for about 2 or 2 1/2 inches, and then curving back out to the edge.
Fold it in half again and trace the armhole you just cut out onto the other side and cut it out.
After you do that it should look something like this.
Put it on your doll and measure how big your armholes need to be and sew the two sides together. DO THE STEP BELOW THIS FIRST BECAUSE I MESSED UP THE PICTURES!!!
Fold over all the raw edges and sew them down. DO THE ABOVE STEP AFTER THIS BECAUSE I MESSED THE PICTURES UP!!!

Sew your remaining side opening.
Flip it right side out and try it on your doll.
Add Velcro in the back and add a pocket if you choose.

For the slippers, trace around your dolls feet on fun foam, leaving a little extra space around the foot and cut it out.
Then, cut out a piece of your material bigger than your foam piece like shown.
Cut some small slits around the material like shown.
Glue it on going one slit at a time.
Cut out a piece of material bigger than your sole like shown.
Put it on your doll to measures how big it needs to be and glue it down.
Glue it on a piece of fun foam and cut it out.

And you are finished! Now you have some adorable pj's for your doll!
The shirt.......
The shorts........
And the slippers!

These are all the pj's I made for my dolls! Which one is your favorite?

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Thanks so much!

I hope you liked this tutorial! Bye!


  1. Ooh I love the pjs!! I think my favorite is Lanie :)

  2. Woah! Soo creative! This is amazing!

  3. Aww, they're adorable!!! I really do envy your creativity ;)


  4. Great idea to use up old baby clothes! Awesome tutorial :)

  5. Awesomeness!! The tutorial is good for people like me who can't really sew and need detailed step-by steps. Your doll shoes are so cool!

  6. this is so cute! where did you get your ideas for your shoes?

  7. Thanks! I usually just get my ideas from something I've seen or have a picture of!

  8. Those turned out so perfect! Great tutorial!

    ~ Mint

  9. This is great! Love your choice of fabric combinations too. Love that you've included how to make slippers to match.

  10. I never saw better tutorial in sewing, I'm terrible at it and lost confidence if they're not square, I'm inspired to try your way ^_^