Sunday, September 14, 2014

Updates: please read!!! +a giveaway coming soon!!!

Hey there! I just wanted to give you guys some updates about my blog today! So, since school started for me I've been really busy. I've been posting every day, but that is difficult, so I've decided on a posting schedule:

Sunday: no post because I have church and that is the day I usually do my homework.

Monday: starting today, every Monday I will post an OOTW! I've seen a lot of people do this on their blog, and it looks really fun, so I'm gonna start doing it! So, yes, there will be an OOTW later today.

Tuesday and Thursday there will be no post either because I will be going back to posting pretty much every other day. So no posts on Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday unless you get lucky and I decide to post one of those days.

Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday there will be posts. So the days I will be posting are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

On special holidays I may post more than the days specified.

Next, I want to talk to you about followers. Recently somebody unfollowed my blog and it made me really sad. I try really hard to make my blog look nice, take good pictures, and do cool things. Why would somebody unfollow me? I don't understand. Do I need to improve on something? Please tell me what I did wrong so that you unfollowed me. :(  Anyways, I have 23 followers! So thank you to everybody who follows me! I really, really appreciate it! :)

Speaking of having 23 followers, I have a giveaway coming soon once I hit 25 followers! Just 2 more followers to go!

Speaking of giveaways, Emma over at The Dollies of Creamsicle Street is having a giveaway! 
You get to choose from one of these three things made into doll size if you win! How awesome is that! Be sure to enter by clicking HERE!!!

Also, please comment down below what type of post you would like to see more on here as well as which doll/dolls (Lanie, Claire, Kanani, Mckenna, Leah, Saige, or Amanda and Carter) you would like to see more of! If you want to request anything specific, go to the request page to request what you want.

Thanks so much for reading! :)


  1. Awesome posting schedule, it's so organized (my schedule is basically whenever I have something ready XD)! Aww, I'm sorry about someone un-following you =( however, I have no doubts that you'll gain many more followers in the near future =D yay, only two more to go! I'll have to see if I can enter this coming giveaway ;) I really like seeing what you've been sewing, so maybe some more of those (even though you already do a nice amount of them)? Hmm...I think I'd like to see more of Leah =)


    1. Thanks so much Maddie! I hope you can enter! Ok! Thanks for the suggestions! :)

  2. Great posting schedule! :) I'm really sorry about someone unfollowing. There is no logical reason why they would do that because your blog is amazing! The same thing happened to me, but I am hopping it was just an accident. I don't think the person ever followed me back, but others have followed me since so I don't really mind. I think maybe some photo stories would be cool! I don't really have a particular doll preference.

    ~ Mint

    1. Thanks so much, Mint! Okay! I'll keep that in mind!!! :)

  3. Oh wow! Nice posting schedule. I say oh wow because I have a very small posting schedule, if that makes any sense ;0) I'm really sorry someone unfollowed you. Hopfully it was an accident or some weird blogger mistake. Thanks for showing us the givaway, it looks really cool. Also, good job on the AGPC.
    - Zoë

  4. Your schedule seems really cool. I hope no one else unfollows. If it happened to me I would be really sad... Mainly because I only have one follower. I would love to see more of Kanani if that is possible.

    1. Thanks! I already have a lot of posts planned with Kanani, so that's good! :)