Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunshine award! + some awesome giveaways to check out! + a surprise!!!!!!!

Hey! Today I will be doing the sunshine award! I'm still camping, so I have no computer to post photos on, but I may include some grainy iPod photos at the end of this post. I could have posted this yesterday, but I totally forgot about it, so sorry about that. Anyways, I was nominated for this award by Leah from ToDOLLy Awesome ! Thanks Leah!  

Here are the rules:
  •  State five facts about yourself
  •  Answer the five questions that the people who nominated you asked.
  • .Think of five more questions, and nominate five other bloggers! (five is the magic number.....)

Facts about me:

1. My name is Kaitlyn, for those of you who didn't know.
2. My favorite color is aqua.
3. I LOVE candy!!!!!!!
4. My favorite type of music is country!
5. I have 4 siblings, all younger than me.

Now for the questions I have to answer:

1. Favorite social media app?
Ummmm...... Does YouTube count?
2. What color shirt do you have on right now?
Well, my pj shirt, which is pink and black leopard print.
3. Most recent blog you followed?
I don't remember and I'm too lazy to go look. ;P
4. Do you take a foreign language in school?
Yep! Spanish. I wish I could take French!
5. What's your favorite name out of all your dolls?
Probably Lanie!

Okay, I nominate: 

AG Doll Days
Awesome American Girl
It's a Doll World
Seastar Studios

My questions for them are: 

What is your favorite type of music?
What is your favorite thing about fall?
Why do we say a "pair" of pants?
Favorite hair color?
Favorite scent from Bath and Body Works?

Now for some bad quality pictures! Yay!

Lanie and Leah looking out the window in the camper!


Leah! There will be photoshoots of them coming in those outfits when I get home!
And the surprise!...........................

My sister got a new doll!!!!! Yay! She's super cute and we love her! Her name is Leighton! Do you guys have any suggestions for a middle name?! There will be a photo-shoot coming of her later too!
Thanks for reading! :)

 Oh, and be sure to check out these awesome giveaways!!!

Amaya at Fun with AG Fan is giving away an awesome OG set! Here is the link!!!

Doll Diaries is having an amazing giveaway for these three outfits! Check it out here!!!


  1. YAY FOR LEIGHTON! She's so cute and has an equally as adorable name ;) hmm...middle names...I'd probably middle name her Kennedy =) congrats on the award! Lanie and Leah look so cute ^.^


    1. Yay! Ok I'll suggest that to my sister! Thanks! :)

  2. Congrats on the award! I enjoyed reading your facts and answers. :) Kaitlyn is a pretty name. I have a friend with that name. Yay! Candy lovers represent! Tell your sister congrats on the new doll, Leighton. She is beautiful! :)

    ~ Mint

    1. Thanks Mint! That's cool! I'll tell her congrats for you! :)

  3. I'm glad you had a good weekend! Leighton is very cute! Congrats for a new doll! :)

    1. Thanks! I'll tell my sister congrats from you! :)

  4. CONGRATS ON GETTING LEIGHTON!!! She has such an awesome name, and she's so pretty!

    Also, in case you didn't already know, I won't be posting on my blog, Live Laugh Dolls, anymore, but I will only be posting on my new blog, Maple Street Dolls. If you wanna know why I made a new blog you can check LLD for that ;) but here is the URL for Maple Street Dolls:

    1. I'll tell my sis congrats for you! Ya, I read that on your blog already! ;)

  5. My BFF has that doll and she is really pretty! Leighton is such a pretty name! Congrats. :)
    AG Chick

  6. Thank you so much for following me!!! :D You made my day!!! A pretty middle name for Leighton would be Marie.

    1. Your welcome! I'm glad I made you happy! Your blog is really awesome! Ok, thanks for the suggestion! :)

  7. Thanks for following me!!!
    And I just had to compliment you on Lanie's hair; the curls are perfection! =D

  8. we have the same amount of siblings AND were both the oldest. Nice