Friday, September 19, 2014

Dollhouse Tour!!!

Hi! Today Kanani is going to give you a tour of our dollhouse! It is actually in a play house outside in our yard on a cement block connected to our driveway. The cement is really cracked because its pretty old. So yeah, if it looks like I live in a trashy home or have a trashy yard, I don't. It is outside, which means I have to clean it frequently, which is a pain in the butt. We used to have have cats living in there and you can imagine what they did inside! ;) But yeah, it stunk really bad too, and we were able to clean it up and get the smell pretty much out of it! So , I hope you enjoy the tour!

Here is an overview from the door.
This is the loft, which contains my sisters dolls rooms.
And this is the downstairs, which contains my dolls bedrooms, and a few other rooms! Kanani really wants to give you the tour now, so here she is! :)
Aloha! I'm Kanani and I'm super pumped to give you a tour of our house! First off, pay no attention to the shirt I'm wearing! ;P It was the first shirt that my human ever made and it is quite horrible if I do say so myself. She made it when she was like 10 , so that was 6 years ago ( note from me: yes I'm 16, if you think that's weird then leave my blog and never come back! ;P Haha! Jk!). The only reason I'm wearing it is because there is NO OTHER CLEAN CLOTHES!!!!! Arggggg! It's so frustrating!
Anyways, first up is Lanie's room. Let me just say, it's not fair at all that she is the only one who has her own room! I mean, she IS the youngest, and senority rules you know! Well, apparently not in this house! The only reason she even got her own room was because we couldn't agree on who would get the room, so we had to draw names. And seriously, I NEVER ever ever get picked from drawing names! EVER! Am I the only one? Please tell me I'm not the only one!!!
Oops! I'm supposed to be giving you a tour, sorry! I talk a lot if you can't tell! Ok, first she has a bulletin board. So exciting, I know.
Against her other wall is her dresser with a rocket on top and a poster beside that.
And then her bed. Another thing, she gets her own laptop! How unfair is that?!
Well, enough with being jealous, and onto the next room. This is where we store all our clothes, shoes, accessories, and hair stuff! Oh! And our dress form. Half of our clothes still need hangers though, and some are folded up and put in drawers. So the clothes in the picture are literally only about half of our clothes.
Here is an overview without me standing in the way.
Over in this corner is our dress form and our clothing.
Above that is an AG poster.....
And on top of it is all the hats, the brush and spray bottle the jewelry and hair accessories!
And a mini screwdriver! ;)
Then is all the accessories!
And lastly, all the shoes.

This room is shared by me, Claire, and McKenna.
First, there is triple bunks.
A cute poster on the wall!
Some toys on the floor......
And our dresser, lamp, earring holder, a tiny rocket, and magazines.
Next up is the living room!
There is as couch, and TV......
A coffee table with a box of Kleenex on the bottom,
And a leaf arrangement plus the TV remote on top.
The living room is joined to the kitchen!
Here is an overview!
The table and chairs.....
The placemats and the vase.
Then is the fridge, the counter and cupboards and the stove and microwave.

All our food! ;P Looks like SOMEBOY needs to go grocery shopping! All we have is junk, but that's fine with me!

Don't ask......
The last room downstairs is the bathroom.

Yep, that's the potty room! ;P ( man, I'm using that face a lot today!)
Lastly of all is Saige, Leah, Amanda, and Carter's rooms! My Humans sister decorated these two rooms and she's 12 so yep...... (Sorry the photos are getting blurry, it was becoming dark!)

So yeah! That's our house! Which room is your favorite! We hope you like it! Thanks for reading!!! :)


  1. I love all the rooms! Cool dollhouse!

  2. Awesome doll house! My favorite room is the Kitchen. Well done!
    AG Chick

  3. Wow, that's such a cool dollhouse! Lanie's room is probably my favorite. Too bad that screwdriver isn't sonic.

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah! That would be so cool to have a doll sized sonic screwdriver!!! ;D

  4. So cool!!! I wish I had a dollhouse ;P I love all the rooms, but the kitchen and closet-type room are my favorites!


  5. Your dollhouse is so cute! I love the storage room for all the clothes and accessories! It kind of looks like a store too! :)

  6. I love your dollhouse!!! I also love how you used a locker rack for a closet!!! :)

    1. Thanks! Haha! Yep, that was my moms idea! Moms are so smart, right! :)

  7. So awesome! I love all those doll-sized ideas you made, especially that coffee table! Mind if I make some thing like that? Everything looks so realistic!
    - Zoë

    1. Thanks so much! Nope I don't mind! Make whatever you like! :)

  8. I loved this! Everything is so pretty and cute<3
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

  9. Omg! This dollhouse is awesome! It's much better than mine :)

    1. Haha! Thanks! I'm sure yours is great too! :)

  10. You are so creative! I love the house! I can't pick a favorite because I love all the rooms! :P

    ~ Mint