Saturday, January 10, 2015

Leah's Hot Chocolate Stand ~ a photostory

Hello! About a week ago, I took a few of my dolls outside for a little photostory! The hot chocolate stand idea was inspired by Kelsey from American Girl Inspired! I hope you like the story! :)

It was a cold, snowy afternoon, and Claire, Izzy, and McKenna were having fun playing outside in the snow.
Leah had just finished setting up her new hot chocolate stand and was ready for some customers!

Leah thought that selling warm hot chocolate on such a freezing cold day would earn her some money for sure!

Claire, walking tiredly back from and eventful afternoon of sledding, smelled the delicious hot chocolate and hurried over to get some before it was gone.

"I want some hot chocolate! Do you have any money?!" McKenna asked Izzy.

"Yep!" replied Isabelle, "And we better get some before Claire gets over here! She's likely to buy all of it!"

"Get your delicious hot chocolate here!!! Only $2.00 a cup!" Leah yelled, tired of waiting for customers.

She sure was ready for some business! She had all the stuff she needed: extra cups, peppermints, giant marshmallows.....

A bag for her money, a pitcher of warm hot chocolate, and some spoons!

Plus two cups that were already ready!

She even made her own sign!

Ughhhh! I wish they would hurry up and decide to get in line! Leah thought to herself.

She looked over at her possible customers, wishing SOMEBODY would buy her hot cocoa!

"Do I have to pay you back if I use your money!??" McKennna asked Isabelle, hoping she would say no.

"PUHLEEZ don't make me pay you back!!!" McKenna begged.

"Of course you have to pay me back!" Izzy replied, irritated at McKenna.

"Now, C'mon lets get in line!" Isabelle said.

Claire was getting close, and when the other girls saw her they hurried to get in line before she did.

Claire dropped her sled and started running, trying to beat them to the front of the line, but failing miserably.

Soon they were all lined up and Leah was very happy that she finally had some customers.

"Hi! What would you like today?! I have peppermint hot chocolate and regular hot chocolate!" Leah asked.

"Ummmm, I think I'll take the peppermint kind!" McKenna responded.

"Great! I already have one of those prepared." Said Leah.

She handed the drink over to McKenna and she started sipping it, as it warmed her up.

Next, Isabelle stepped up.

She ordered a peppermint hot cocoa too!

At last, it was Claire's turn!

"I'd like a regular one please!" Claire said, hungry for some hot cocoa.

"Alrighty! Coming right up!" Leah replied.

First she poured the hot chocolate.

Then, went for the giant marshmallows!

And scooped a few in.

"Okay, I'm finished!"

"Here you go!"

"Thank you!" Claire said.

"Thanks guys! Have a nice day!" Leah called to her customers, as they walked away, happily sipping their cocoa. :)
I hope you guys liked that! Doesn't Leah look adorable with her bangs brushed to the side?!!!

Also, I entered Izzy from Forever Love Dolls's contest! Basically we were supposed to design an AG catalogue page. I had so much fun taking and editing this picture and it would make me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo unbelievably happy if you could vote for me HERE!!!
Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the photostory!
    I would really like a cup of hot chocolate now!
    The little doll hot chocolates look so cute!

    1. Thanks sooo much! Mmmm! Sounds good to me too! :)

  2. Adorable photo story!

    Allie D.

  3. This is amazing, Kaitlyn! Also, I noticed Isabelle's earmuffs, and they are SOOO CUTE! Did you make them? Thanks for the credit, too! :)

    1. Aww! Thanks so much! Nope, they are from Our Generation! No problem! :)

  4. Yes, Leah does look adorable with her side swept bangs.
    And the hot chocolates are just so cute!
    Ok I'm going to go vote for you now.


    1. Yep! Thanks soo much! And thanks for voting for me! :)

  5. This photostory was adorable!! I agree, Leah looks great with her bangs brushed to the side. :) I will definitely vote for you! :D

    1. Thanks sooo much! Thanks for voting for me too! :)

  6. Nice photostory! I looove hot cocoa. And I already voted for you(before this post)! :D

  7. Aww, that's so cute!

    I think I already voted for you on that post :)

    1. Thanks so much Hannah! And thanks for voting for me! :D

  8. This is ADORABLE!! Great job on it! I read the whole thing, you're a fabulous writer :)

    1. Awww! Thanks sooo much! I'm glad you read the whole thing! :)

  9. awesome pictures!!!! I love the little cups of coco!!!

    -Elly <3

    1. Thanks soo much Ellie! I liked them too! :)

  10. Replies
    1. Thanks! And thanks so much for voting for me! :)

  11. This photo story is so cute! And I love the hot chocolate, and the stand! Great job!

  12. Adorable photostory! Leah looks so cute!!!:)